Dom’s Other Bio

His claim to fame is that he’s the guy that bought Britney Spear’s fart in a jar off of Ebay. Upon sniffing it repeatedly, he realized it was actually queef. He’s still trying to get a refund from PayPal who rejected his claim stating “PayPal does not distinguish between farts and queefs. Due to proximity, the farts and queefs of women are equally subject to being both shitty and fishy. Because Britney often shoves turd up her vaj, it is impossible to determine her farts from her queefs.” When pushed harder they replied, “Britney is both an asshole and a stank pussy herself. How can we know if it wasn’t just her breath?” Despite several requests, Britney has declined scientific testing on her farts, queefs, and breath.

Dom also has kids and does audio stuff.