About the Mo Show

The MoShow is awesome. Who are we kidding?  It’s Mocean, and he’s surrounded by all of his talented, funny friends. Blam! Seriously, stop reading this and start listening. Come on! What are you waiting for? I’m getting a little pissed right now that you are still reading this and not listening to the bad-ass shit that Mocean made.

What! A second paragraph! Why are you still reading and not listening? Are your ears broken? That’s cool if they are… but if they work fine, I will end you! Click off this page and start listening to the sweet, sweet silly that is the MoShow.

Do you want to mess with these people?

A third paragraph? I just Googled you and I know where you live. I’m coming to your house right now and the only thing that will save you is to start listening to our podcast. I will cut you, twice. Get your earbuds on and start listening. My Waze app just found me a short cut to your house so you better hurry up. I am coming for you. I don’t even care if you listen right now, it doesn’t matter. You missed your chance. I’m coming to burn your house down.