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Take an audio journey into the twisted mind of voice over guy, Mocean Melvin, and friends as they navigate the voice over industry in Los Angeles and their own sick fantasies.  The Mo Show Podcast is a scripted sketch comedy show that uses voice over, music and sound design to paint an audio picture all over your brain.

If you want to know more about Mocean and the rest of the crew, check out the Who’s Who page.  Want to hear outtakes and stuff that didn’t make it into an episode? Head over to the Grab Bag page and get crazy.  Want to do some more reading even though you are on a site full of audio content? That’s a little weird but we’ve got the About The MoShow page just for you.

Thanks for coming. Have fun! And don’t forget that most everything in the MoShow is full of adult content… very immature adult content, which is ironic.